Tutoring NY

Our Mission:


We give young children the tools to become innovators in the fields of reading, science, writing and mathematics.


Our Mission

We believe every child should be a confident learner. We are more than tutors we are mentors that take every child under our wings and put them on the path to success. We teach students, prepare them and challenge them. It is our mission to put every child on the road to discovering their inner Einstein.

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Our Programs

Tutoring is a great tool that can benefitt every child. Tutoring has the ability to help a struggling child but also can help a child stay ahead academically. It is a re-enforcement of the material being presented at school and the helping hand that so many students need. At Tutoring NY, we understand that it is painful to see you child struggle and we are here to help you and your child get back on the road to academic success.



We challenge every student while building their writing skills. We offer fun writing exercises to help students breakdown the process of writing. We teach students to think and make better use of their time so they are able to take their ideas and put them on paper.


We offer tutoring for upper level grades and cover special topics like chemistry and organic chemistry.


Reading comprehesion is an acquired skill that allows students to extract meaning from what they are reading. We develop reading skills in a interactive and strategic manner. Students are presented with a broad variety of subjects to help them acquire the ability of becoming strong readers.


We seek to lay a strong foundation on which the child can build on. At Tutoring NY, we love math and seek to pass this passion on to our students. We want to build strong mathematicians who can do math in their heads and have speed doing so. We emphasize common core and seek to prepare our students to do well in state test.


At Tutoring NY we understand that many students who struggle come to us with low confidence. As part of our curriculum we do growth mind exercises to help students reshape the way they perceive themselves.


October 2017

I will never forget the moment my daughter walked in from school and said “I just killed that math test”.

Joseph / Marina, 7